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How much should an echocardiogram cost – and who should you trust to report your echo!

A few months ago Dr Anthony Pearson, an American cardiologist who writes a very educational and thought provoking blog called “The Skeptical Cardiologist”,raised the interesting question of how much should an echo cost and most importantly how can you ensure that you are getting a high quality echo recording that is interpreted appropriately. His article is well worth reading and whilst the US and UK health systems are very different what is clear is that it is very important to ensure that whoever is reading and interpreting your echo has the appropriate credentials or as he puts it succinctly “is up to the task”. Read further here

After researching where patients could go to for an echo in the UK we were very pleased here at HeartScan that he wrote: “At one private UK clinic, you can have your echo read by Dr. Antoinette Kenny, who appears extremely well qualified for the task” and that “he would definitely have one done in Dr. Kenny’s centre if I lived nearby”. We echo his view! After all you would be unlikely to employ an electrician to do the plumbing in your home or vice versa so keep that principle in mind when you are deciding who should report on your echo.
So we agree with The Skeptical Cardiologist – if you are seeking a private echo then certainly shop around for an affordable option but be cautious and ensure that when you choose where to go for your echo that there is:

  • ” good quality equipment
  • ” the physiologist is appropriately accredited
  • ” and most importantly – the reporting cardiologist has the necessary echo credentials.

After all, your heart is the most important engine you’ll ever look after!

We hope you agree that at HeartScan we have achieved the perfect balance of good value and quality.

As a follow-on Dr. Pearson and yours truly corresponded at length about the differences in echo provision on either side of the pond. Read here